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Warmies Warming Toy Red Panda 01216 - Warmies Heat Animal Red Panda 25cm

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Warmies Warming Toy Red Panda 01216. Natural, cuddly, warm, the fastest way to well-being. Warmies heat animal red panda, 25cm!

Additional product information

Warmies Warming Toy Red Panda
Target group:
For those who need cuddly warmth: babies, children and adults
The cute little bear ... with button eyes and cuddly tail. Quite innocently he looks at his owner and on the other hand is a pretty naughty guy. He loves to romp during the day and then cuddles in your arms in the evening quite tired. There he warms you comfortably with lavender scented and looks forward to new adventures. The cute red panda is about 25cm high and weighs about 750gr.
Educational content:
How long do warmies stay warm? Quite long! After only 90 seconds of heating in the microwave at 800 watts of power, warmies offer a pleasant, soothing heat for up to 1.5 hours. Due to the different Warmies sizes, this duration is of course different, the exact respective heating time and wattage can be found on the product labels or the packaging.
Size (cm):
100% Polyester
With millet grain lavender filling. Lavender is known for its gentle and beneficial effects. The fragrance is reminiscent of Mediterranean countries and with it to holidays, warmth and sun.
Care instructions:
The product filling contains natural, treated millet grains and dried lavender. The product can be heated as often as desired without losing its thermal effect. Please treat this Warmies product with care to ensure a long service life. Clean the product surface regularly with a damp cloth and allow it to dry in the air before use. Do not immerse the product in water. Always keep the product cool and dry after each use. Check the condition of the product at regular intervals and dispose of it in the normal household waste in case of wear or damage. The product could stain. Separate cleaning of the filling or the inner cushion is not possible. Clean the product only according to these manufacturer's specifications. Before the product can be reheated, it must be completely dry again.
Certified Quality:
Warmies are manufactured to high quality standards and tested in independent laboratories for compliance with the EU standard for children's toys. Therefore, Warmies are also very suitable for children under 36 months.