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sigikid Ach Good! Polarbear 38927 - sigikid Polarbear Family & Friends 36cm

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sigikid Ach Good! Polarbear, white, 38927, original cuddly toy by sigikid from the Family & Friends series, 36cm!

sigikid Ach Good! Polarbear from the popular sigikid Family & Friends series, with heartbreaking look, 38927, original cuddly toy by sigikid, Ach Good!, Polarbear, white, 36cm. He's always shivering, his kisses are icy - that's just how it is...

Additional product information

The northern relative doesn‘t come past often, but when he does he brings the whole family. He‘s always shivering, even in summer, his kisses are icy – that‘s just how it is.
Target group:
Loved by young and old! I am a great cuddly friend for all ages!
Our cuddly friends take detours to new, exciting adventures. The bear, the dog, the fox and the pig are sitting in the cockpit, but no, not alone, they‘re with the mouse, sheep and rabbit, who are making sure that the bear doesn‘t speed! The bear‘s relatives are sitting behind him, but it‘s cold being so close to him, just like winter. Oh no! The cat and the frog are shivering too, but thankfully the elephant has a warm belly. The she-rabbit and the cow are sitting on the back bench, the only one missing is you!
Size (cm):
Unique cuddly material, harmless ingredients in all materials, high quality processed, polyester.
Wadding made of 100% polyester
Care instructions:
Washable at 30°C
Certified Quality:
sigisafe tested quality