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  • Free shipping in Germany from € 35 / abroad from € 75
  • Selection photos possible on request

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

I haven't received an order confirmation, was my order successful?

Sometimes it happens that for various reasons you have not received an order confirmation after placing your order. Normally you should have received a confirmation by email (please also check your spam folder in your email inbox), please write us a short email in this case, because we usually received the order anyway. In such a case, we can definitely help so that you receive your order.

When will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped as soon as we have received payment. The delivery date is stored for the respective article, with "immediately available" it will be sent on the same day if payment is received by 12 noon. Immediately after a shipping label has been generated by us, you will receive a shipping email from us with the link to track the shipment.

I see the product in the shop, but can't order it?

Sometimes articles are displayed in our shop that you cannot put in the shopping cart (the article then says "Unfortunately no longer available"). This does not necessarily mean that we no longer have the item in stock. In such a case, you are welcome to write us an email and ask whether we still have the article. The articles are often distributed on all sales platforms and we can reschedule them and still deliver an article that is listed on another marketplace, for example. For this we need your specific question by email. Articles that have become rare are occasionally available again. We will do our best to get it for you.

My package has arrived, but is in a post office or packing station

Unfortunately, as the sender, we have no control whatsoever when it comes to delivery by DHL. We are not entitled to get more precise information about the exact location of your parcel, only you as the recipient can get more precise information with the tracking number. Normally you should have found a notification card in the mailbox with the delivery person's information as to where your package was dropped off. If this is not the case, please contact the post office responsible for you, where parcels are usually handed in for you, and it is often there that you can pick it up.

Deutsche Post Warenpost - shipment status delivered, but it is not there - what to do?

The Warenpost is still a fairly new type of delivery, it is equipped with a shipment tracking link. The tracking of the shipment of a letter with the status "delivered" does not mean that it has arrived at the recipient, as with the DHL package, but only that it has arrived somewhere in the mail center near the customer. In this case, please wait another day or two, based on experience, delivery will take place on one of the following days. If you have not been at home and you have a notification from Deutsche Post in your mailbox, you can pick up your goods at the indicated branch. From our side we unfortunately have no way of getting more detailed information (as with DHL parcels)

Plush toy sizes - my plush toy is smaller than expected or specified - what to do?

The size of the plush toys is specified by the manufacturer, unfortunately we have no influence on this and adhere to the generally applicable guidelines. However, the different manufacturers also vary in their way of measuring, usually the manufacturers measure their plush toys from head to toe. Plush toys with the indication "sitting" are generally measured sitting and not stretched out.

I would like to order more than is available in the shop, what should I do?

Often you will only see one item in stock, but you may want to buy several. In this case, write us an email, we often have more of these items in stock or are currently listed on other sales platforms, even if they may not be displayed in the shop. It is usually worth asking!

Plush toy looks different than on the product picture?

For the most part, we use the product photos from the respective manufacturers and also post them in our shop. Sometimes we present additional, self-made photos of the plushies. Sometimes the plushies look different than on the product picture. The next point may be of interest to you ...

I would like to choose my stuffed animal from several - is that possible?

Soft toys often look very different, everyone sees a soft toy with different eyes and you often wish to be able to choose your soft toy, similar to a shop. We also offer this on request within the scope of the virtual possibilities, write us an email with your special request. We will then be happy to take selection photos for you and guarantee that you will get exactly what you have chosen.

My PayPal payment failed - what can I do?

If you have chosen PayPal as your payment method and the PayPal payment has failed during the purchase process, you do not need to do anything at first. We will then automatically send you a payment request via PayPal, if you want to change the payment method, you also have the option of paying in advance, you will find the account details in the confirmation email.

I would like to delete my customer account - how does that work?

No problem, contact us, we will take care of the deletion of the account immediately.

Didn't find an answer to your question?

Contact us by phone or email (see contact). We will take care of your request!